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Roasting vs Grilling


Is there a difference between roasting vs grilling? Well, yes and no. The definition and cooking method of “roasting” has changed over the years. Today, roasting is very similar to grilling over indirect heat (more on this below).Origins of RoastingRoasting used to refer to meats cooked over an open flame rotated on a skewer. With the […]

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Charcoal Grill Vents – How to Use Them Properly

Top grill vents - featured image

One main key to cooking perfectly grilled foods is maintaining the proper temperature. You do this by controlling the flames by knowing when to have your charcoal grill vents open or closed.​ More than just an exhaust for smoke, your charcoal grill vents (aka grill damper) serve a very important function in cooking. Learn how these vents […]

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Smoker vs BBQ

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Have you ever faced the question of smoker vs BBQ? Both methods can result in deliciously cooked food.Whether or not you choose to smoke or barbecue your food depends on your available time and cooking preferences.

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Grill vs Oven

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The primary difference between the grill vs oven is the method of how food is cooked.

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Charcoal vs Biochar

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If you’re into gardening and have been for a while, you have probably heard that you can use charcoal and biochar to improve your garden soil. But how does charcoal vs biochar compare as it relates to cooking?

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Grilling vs Smoking

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People have compared grilling vs smoking for the longest time. There is value in both cooking methods, but they have differences that make them better for particular types of food and occasions.

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Grilled vs Fried

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Grilled vs fried food – which is better? It is important to know whether grilled food or fried food is better because the food we eat affects our health.Many articles offer comprehensive discussions about the positive and negative effects of grilling and frying food. However, reading those is time consuming, so we are presenting you […]

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Grill vs Grille

grill vs grille

Grill vs Grille – Each sounds the same, but are spelled slightly different and have altogether different meanings.English can often seem like a funny language in general. Then, on top of it, similar sounding words make matters worse, and without knowing the differences, we incorrectly keep using the words interchangeably.Grill and Grille are known as […]

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What’s the Differences Between Charcoal vs Coal?


Do you often get confused with charcoal vs coal? What are each and what are the differences?Before we dive into definitions and a little more detail about each, when cooking, always use charcoal. Never use coal – it’ll poison your food. Something you don’t want to do!

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Grilling vs Broiling

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Grilling vs broiling – is there a difference or is it the same thing? Which is better? First, let’s define grilling and broiling.

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