Best Grill Gloves

Best Grill Gloves - Featured Image

​Grilling season is in full bloom. As you prep, you need to add a great pair of grill gloves to your tool set. So, which are the best grill gloves to add to your ​BBQ tools? Having a great pair of heat resistant ​BBQ gloves in your repertoire makes BBQing much, much easier. If you’ve done any […]

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Roasting vs Grilling


Is there a difference between roasting vs grilling? Well, yes and no. The definition and cooking method of “roasting” has changed over the years. Today, roasting is very similar to grilling over indirect heat (more on this below).Origins of RoastingRoasting used to refer to meats cooked over an open flame rotated on a skewer. With the […]

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Charcoal Grill Vents – How to Use Them Properly

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One main key to cooking perfectly grilled foods is maintaining the proper temperature. You do this by controlling the flames by knowing when to have your charcoal grill vents open or closed.​ More than just an exhaust for smoke, your charcoal grill vents (aka grill damper) serve a very important function in cooking. Learn how these vents […]

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Best Gas Charcoal Combo Grill


People’s ​love affair with backyard grilling never ends, which is evident from ​the wide range of grills and smokers that flood the market every day. Here’s ​the best gas charcoal combo grill reviews​.Why do you need a gas charcoal combo grill? You have the best of both worlds. Convenience of gas and the flavor of […]

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Smoker vs BBQ

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Have you ever faced the question of smoker vs BBQ? Both methods can result in deliciously cooked food.Whether or not you choose to smoke or barbecue your food depends on your available time and cooking preferences.

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Best Grill Light

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Since barbecue doesn’t stop when the sun sets, be sure to illuminate your cooking area with nothing but the best grill light. A grill light is a must-have accessory to keep you enjoying and partying through the night, but finding the best BBQ grill light can be difficult, so we’re here to help.

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Best Charcoal Grills Under $500

best charcoal grill under 500

Are you looking for the best charcoal grills under $500? Typically, grilling season kicks off Memorial Day and peaks steadily through July 4th until Labor Day. Regardless of holidays though, if you have a grill, every weekend can be an adventure through mouthwatering delicacies – grilled and smoked.

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Grill vs Oven

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The primary difference between the grill vs oven is the method of how food is cooked.

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Charcoal vs Biochar

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If you’re into gardening and have been for a while, you have probably heard that you can use charcoal and biochar to improve your garden soil. But how does charcoal vs biochar compare as it relates to cooking?

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Grilling vs Smoking

grilling vs smoking featured image

People have compared grilling vs smoking for the longest time. There is value in both cooking methods, but they have differences that make them better for particular types of food and occasions.

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