• Are you new to grilling, smoking, campfire cooking, etc.?
  • Are you afraid that grilling for a weekend party will be too difficult?
  • Do you know the basics to grilling burgers, but worried about smoking a brisket?
  • Are you a “well-seasoned” outdoor chef?

Well, you’re all in the right place!

Todd here. My mission with FireCookEat is to bring people together through the love of food and cooking outdoors in a fun, positive community atmosphere. Whether you've never lit a grill before or are a well-seasoned pit-master, please, by all means...

  •  Ask questions;
  • Comment and provide feedback (in a polite, respectful manner) to me and others; and
  •  Share your outdoor cooking stories and adventures with me! (Who knows? Maybe you'll be a featured Outdoor Chef here on FCE!)

I personally have two distinct outdoor cooking memories.

First, the smell of steaks and ribs grilling on a Saturday evening. As the sun was setting in the beautiful, vibrant Florida summer sky, dad would fire up the grill while mom would whip up baked beans, potato salad, dessert, and sweet tea (I’m from the south…sweet tea is a must). Then, we’d spend time together eating dinner on the patio.

The other was the smell of bacon, eggs, and coffee over a campfire during our week-long summer camping trips. I loved waking up early to that smell and the mist on the lake.

Not only can outdoor cooking create amazing, mouth-watering dishes, it’s the memorable moments created – the meditative-time spent in nature while the food is cooking, kicking back a beer with friends, time spent playing with the kids while dinner is on the grill, or great dinner table conversations.

Concerned you’ll ruin dinner?

We all have at some point. Don't sweat it!

Have a pack of hotdogs on standby. If dinner doesn't turn out right, heat up some dogs and still enjoy your time together with friends and family.

Don't give up though. Try again next weekend!

Not sure where your cooking went wrong? Drop us a line and let us know what happened. We’ll try to help shed some light on what may have gone wrong.

I hope you find FireCookEat helpful and informative. To reach me with your stories, questions, comments, or suggestions, visit my Contact Page and drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s to memorable cooking! ?